Paradise Without a Passport

I’m sitting here on a chilly afternoon reminiscing  of a great family vacation to the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands.  St. John, is a little piece of paradise in the Caribbean and it’s part of the United States, so you do not need a passport to travel here.

It can be challenging to get here, as you cannot fly directly to St. John. It’s typical to fly into St. Thomas and then taxi across the island to catch a ferry that will take you to St. John. Once you arrive at your final destination you will realize all that travel was well worth it.

What’s great about St. John is approximately 60% of the island is protected as Virgin Islands National Park.  Which means the island is not congested, but at the same time there are enough places to eat and have fun.

The highlight of our vacation was chartering a catamaran that took us to Jost van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. This is one portion of the trip that you will need a passport for.  During our journey to the British Virgin islands we stopped to go snorkeling. This was our first snorkeling trip where we started snorkeling off of a boat as opposed to just walking off the beach into the water and with our masks and snorkels in hand.  

When we arrived at Jost and cleared customs, the boat docked about 50 yards from the shore and we jumped off the boat and walked in waist high waters to the shore. The water was so clear it seemed as if we were in a swimming pool. As we got to the beach we walked to the famous Soggy Dollar Bar, the bar is famous because after walking through to the water to the shore all of your money becomes wet and soggy. The bar is also famous for being the birthplace of the popular rum drink known as the Painkiller. Of course we had to partake in a few of those.

I didn’t realize how much the expenses are living on an island when going into the local market and paying almost 5 dollars for a box of Triscuits he puts it into perspective how the cost of living is so high when you’re living in paradise

Visited the Catherineberg Sugar Mill Ruins.

After the Ruins  we visited an iso at the restaurant called Shipwreck Landing which was perfect for grabbing a drink and a sandwich. What was cool was the entire restaurant is outdoors, so you definitely have that tropical feeling.

A few other great restaurants is Miss Lucie’s which is right on the water which is a great place to grab lunch. Did you park in the parking lot you greeted by the chickens. After eating lunch at Miss Lucie’s toe is good to head back to xx Beach.

Another great restaurant to eat at is The Longboard, which is a Caribbean-inspired coastal cantina.  Great restaurant to grab fish tacos and grab a Virgin Island, Island Hoppin IPA.

The Beach Bar is a great location to grab a couple of drinks and watch the sunset over Cruz Bay. The great thing is that as they always have fun drinks for kids.

On our final night of the vacation we ate dinner at the Lime Inn. It’s a great little place with wonderful food and we happened to go on all you can eat shrimp night.


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